I have been living in Las Vegas with my family for forty years. We chose between freedom in the United States or a sheltered existence in the communist system that existed in Hungary. We decided with my son to change, and we came to the United States to have a better future. In Hungary, I was a divorce and criminal attorney. In my free time, I was also a tour guide for tourist groups from all of the neighboring countries. I had been involved with the public since I was a law student in Budapest. I had many life experiences with people as an attorney as well as a tour guide. In Las Vegas, my life changed. I worked as a table game dealer most of my time and still served the public for many more years. I wanted to do something else, something different, than dealing cards. I did paralegal studies and finished the mental health advisory program at the College of Southern Nevada. My son had priority throughout my life; therefore my most important goal was to help and protect him. Being a dealer for poker games requires people skills, and serious attention to be able to stay focused. During my time as a dealer, if I may say, I saw it all: "the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". Now, I would like to be able to enjoy my time with friends and family, and explore my passion as a writer.

Published books:


What happens in Vegas will no stay in Vegas

The Empire of Fairy Tales

Life-changing encounters

Where Are You Going, Human?

Hyenas, Publishers, and Vultures

Budapest  is  my  birth-place




1. The Game


2. He Who Looks for Trouble Will Find It


3. The Surprise


4. This is Not My Cup of Tea!


5. The Snake


6. Why Are They Shooting?


7. Intimacies


8. The Perfect Husband


9. Come On, Baby, Light My Fire!


10. I Could Not Say Good-Bye to This World


11. Sweet Luella


12. My Start with Joan


13. Jack the Con Artist


14. What Happens in Vegas Will Not Stay in Vegas


15. My Unforgettable Journey


16. The Secret of the Moon


17. Back to the Future in Hungary


18 Strategies for Dealing with Stress




































































































1. Hannibal the Storyteller


2. The Great Election


3. The Porcupine`s Couple Adventure


4. Tom, the Cat


5. The forgotten prince


6. The Famous Flute


7. The Speaking Schoolbag


8. Coco, the Jack


9. Luisa, the Pig


10. Lilly, the Apple Girl


11. The Clown


12. Mary's Cockatoo


13. Ralph, the Church Mouse


14. The Witchdoctor


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Author’s Note


Hyenas, Publishers, and Vultures

This story is not a fable about real animals,

only about certain people who remind us of

these animals. They have similar attitudes,

like " hyenas and vultures". Indeed, they are

very dangerous in our daily life.


This narrative is not just an observation, it is

also a guide to navigating life's

complexities. As we strive to maintain our

comfort zone, humor becomes our trusted

ally in overcoming life's challenges,

Yet, at its core, this book celebrates the

power of positive appraisal and positive

coping, providing invaluable tools to reduce

stress and enhance the quality of our life.


Discover the secrets to a better, more

fulfilling life by applying the same

principles to deal with the "hyenas and

vultures" that may cross your path. Join us

on this transformative journey, and unlock

the key to resilience, happiness and a

brighter future.




Life-changing encounters


Our life is created with much unknown, also vary between good and bad surprises.

One of the most important and fun parts of our existence is our relationship with other people.

We are looking for a good relationship, but often we make wrong choices. These choices can influence our living negatively, and they are not easy to correct later.

In our daily life, some of these mistakes also lead to sad and tragic outcomes. Regardless of our faith and difficulties, we have to keep always our good hopes and goodwill for a better future and live in understanding with others.

Hopefully, my book will be enjoyable to read and help to find friendship, love, and happiness.

Our horizon is brighter with new experiences, and that is what my book provides.




Where Are You Going, Human?


Life is beautiful, it is a wonder of God with all its variety, and goodness. We are all God's children, while we live in a colorful world with many different kinds of people. Our life is more complicated than the surrounding nature, with all its wonders.

People are making life more complicated, and difficult with lies, hatred, and ugliness. People are also part of eternity, but they are not always aware of their importance to the main.


If they would see it all, they would be better to one another and have more understanding. They would not live in sin, with lies, enviousness, and hatred, because these make life more difficult, and often unbearable.

Ladislaw's life got shorter by prejudice, hate, malice, and jealousy, he was left on his own, and he fought alone against unfavorable odds until he died.

"Each man's death diminishes me, I am involved in mankind, and therefore, send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee."

-by John Donne


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What happens in Vegas

will no stay in Vegas


Yet I believe that it does not matter where we come from; it only matters where we are headed and whether we have a clear eye along the way no matter what adventure or misadventure we face. In the end, we will always prevail with love, determination, and goodwill to others no matter the odds. To that end, I hope that these essays and short stories will not only prove to be a fascinating look behind the curtain but will also share some helpful information about life in Las Vegas or anywhere where humans may be engaged in some folly.

This book is unique. It is not only a memoir, it is an excursion to the unknown field of life with adventures and misadventures.


Republished by: Ewing LLC.



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The Empire of Fairy Tales


Some days we like to be a child again and believe that fairy tales can come to reality, when we really want it.

Santa can come down on the chimney, and butterflies fill our garden.

Our fantasy is a free land, we can dream about anything we like with the help of fairy tales and some of these even can come true.

This reality of our dreams can lead to happiness.


$ 17.25

"Hyenas, Publishers, and Vultures"

published by Stellar Literary Press and Media

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